Yup Integrates Farcaster

Curate and Engage with Farcaster

Today we're integrating Farcaster content into the Yup Ecosystem. You can like and curate, see it in Yup feeds, and earn rewards for great content. It's one feed to rule them all. Check out the content here! Farcaster refers to itself as a "sufficiently decentralized social network." Farcaster is often considered the 'Web3 Twitter' because of its focus on short-form content at the moment. Long-term, however, Farcaster sees itself is the infrastructure from which any social network can form.

We view this as a major step for web3 social. Right now, web3 content is segmented into a few small but mighty social network protocols. Accounts and content aren't interoperable, and many platforms feel intimidating. But that shouldn't be the case.

Web3 social is better because it focuses on people, not promotion; art, not ads; curating content, not collecting data. It's permissionless, and that can be a 10x better experience.

Blockchains are already changing social. You can use the same NFT on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit now. When was the last time web2 corporations let you share content. Web3 is forcing web2 to level up, starting with interoperability.

What's even better is that Farcaster creators will earn YUP whenever their content is curated on Yup, distributing ownership and expanding the Yup community in the process.

EVM Network Effects and Web3 Social

Network Effects occur when an increase in users improves the value of a good or service, sometimes exponentially. Open-source ecosystems benefit from similar network fx: the more developers build on or integrate with it, the more valuable it is for everyone.

But if the platforms on the network are also open-source, effects multiply This is why EVM network effects are strong: every user onboarded & every line of code published, no matter the chain, improves all EVM chains and the defensibility of EVM compared to alternatives.

So, we're helping them along. We're building a new social ecosystem that is interoperable, composable, and collaborative. Join us.

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