Introducing Bluesky ☁️

Bluesky, welcome to Yup.

AT Protocol, the decentralized, open-source social network that Bluesky is built on, is now fully integrated.

That means our best Yup features work with Bluesky:

  • Cross-post to Bluesky, Twitter, Farcaster with one click.

  • Find your favorite posters' Bluesky accounts and let other Yupsters find yours.

  • Enjoy curated Bluesky posts -- whether you've been invited or not.

This is the future of social: a decentralized network of protocols, built on composable web3 architecture, aggregated beautifully. It's a simple formula, and we're excited to be building it.

As Yup grows, it gets faster and easier for us to aggregate new platforms. And we intend to do it, time and time again, for every platform that matters to our users. Wherever you go in web3, Yup will be there with you.

Join us on mobile here.

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