Introducing Yup Mobile

This is web3 social's moment.

The web2 giants are fading. Twitter is breaking. Meta is dying. TikTok might be banned.

Every person frustrated with the old guard is the next person we need to onboard to web3. There is a new social being built, a decentralized, censorship-resistant social, that pays artists, rewards curation, and powers real connection. This is the way.

But web3 social isn't perfect yet. Onboarding has hurdles. Good content is scattered across decentralized platforms. Mobile is often an afterthought.

That's why we've spent years building:

The Yup app. Now available for iOS by invitation only.

It's web3. In one feed. On your phone.

Yup curates the best of Lens, Farcaster, Mirror, POAP, Twitter, NFTs, and more in one endless feed. The latest alpha, the most galaxy-brained takes, and the dankest memes -- all on your phone.

Yup leverages on-chain composability to aggregate content. This is in line with our vision for web3 social and EVM Network Effects. So you can close all your tabs and stop switching between apps. Your multitasking days are over.

Shills, bots, trolls: we're leaving them in web2. Yup uses community curation to find what matters, and skip what doesn't. Even if you're not onboarded to a platform, Yup still curates is best posts for you, democratizing access and improving accessibility. Plus, feeds are completely customizable. Scroll smarter, not harder.

With transparent public data, blockchains are already social networks. Yup just makes them easier to explore. Follow people across platforms, keep up with events through POAP badges, and represent yourself across web3 with a clean, aggregated profile.

Exciting features users will see for the first time include feed filters, NFT metadata, and more robust profiles. Upcoming features include cross-posting, aggregated notifications, and much more!

Ready for a better web3 social? So are we.

Join the Waitlist to request early access.

yup 🫡


Song Credits - Choosing to Bare Fruit by Dessauer

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