Yup is live on the App Store

Today marks a groundbreaking moment in our journey.

We're thrilled to announce that Yup, our game-changing open social aggregator, is officially available on the App Store! Download it here:

iPhone | Android

Today, we're inviting you to transform your digital life.

At Yup's inception, we dreamed about creating a new frontier in social interaction, envisioning a decentralized, composable, interconnected, and deeply human experience. Today, we're delivering on that dream.

Yup seamless integrates Farcaster, Bluesky, Lens, Twitter, and Threads in a single, beautiful interface. Yup lets you explore every platform -- without juggling multiple apps.

But that's just the start. We have meticulously crafted a host of features to improve redefine your social media experience:

  • Crossposting lets you post on all five platforms with one click.

  • Customizable feeds prioritize people over arbitrary algorithms, letting you curate your experience.

  • Aggregated notifications streamline your digital life, making it simple to keep up with multiple accounts and platforms.

  • Crossfollowing makes it easier than ever to connect with your friends, no matter where they are online.

Notable features
Notable features

At every stage, Yup has been driven by your feedback. We're deeply grateful to our community who got us to this landmark moment. And now we're here, with a beautiful app, an incredible community, and a decentralized social ecosystem that astounds and inspires us every day.

To everyone who's been part of our story: thank you for getting us here.

To everyone who's joining us now: we're so happy to have you.

Welcome to the open social revolution.

Welcome to Yup.


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